Monday, March 7, 2011

I saw a whale once off the coast of Puerto Rico

And so it begins -- my fourth attempt to read Moby Dick.

This morning when I woke up, I felt this strange urge to try and read this book again. I have no idea why this was my first thought today. But I am going with it. I have convinced myself that my prior attempts failed due to lack of support. I mean, surely it wasn't that the book was too hard for me. I have two freaking Master's degrees and an ABD of which I am very proud. So it must be lack of support. I mean, surely it can't be that some old, dead, white man got the better of me with his book full of words and more words about words. I saw a whale once off the coast of Puerto Rico. I love whales, always have. This should be no problem.

All I need is some support. My FB friends were not overwhelming in their support. But their anti-support I suppose counts as support of some sort. Hopefully this blog will bring me some support - all support welcome.

I will read this book. I just checked and it is only 536 pages. I really thought it was a lot more than that. 536 pages, I can do that. I just need a little support. So off I go jumping into the deep end (come on, you knew I couldn't resist some ocean cliches).

Here we go...


  1. You can do it! Mark doesn't read ever and he loved this book.

  2. I'll try to join you. I've always wanted to read it, too.